In Loving Memory of Ellie - Jennifer Clark, and Chase, Brandon, and Faith Burdette

Ellie, the beloved family pet of 17 years to the family of Jennifer Clark and her children
Chase, Brandon, and Faith Burdette. Born in 2005 and passed away peacefully in her
home on June 17, 2022.
She was beloved by all in her family and extended family. She was friendly and playful.
She loved to play tug-of-war and keep away with many of her favorite toys and
chihuahua-sized tennis balls. She loved to sleep under blankets as close to her family
as possible, snuggling up near their legs often. She enjoyed doing “the run” and going
for walks, as long as she could stop regularly to spend lots of time smelling flowers and
anything else in her path.
Her family gave her many nicknames to which she also knew to respond to, but her
primary nickname was “Deh Doh.” She was known to be attentive and caring, and also
loved attention, especially belly rubs and forehead kisses. She was very well trained
and loved greeting everyone, but she had a special kind of love that she only ever
showed to her family. She was friends with several other dogs in her extended family,
including labradors, and even though she was much smaller than them, they respected
her and knew she was the boss.
Throughout her life, her family moved to different cities and states, and she was a
special comfort to them in times of change and hardship, as she was always faithful and
reliable to be a loyal companion. She lived a long and happy life filled with love and she
will never be forgotten. We will hold her in our hearts and in all the many wonderful,
beautiful, funny, and meaningful memories she gave us. And we believe we will see her
again in glory when all of God’s creation is redeemed and restored. Romans 8:21.

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