In Loving Memory of Angel

Fourteen years ago, Angel came into the lives of Roy, Pam and Alexandra Martin of Mt. Vernon.  She was a fluffy, little, white bundle of enthusiasm her entire live, never asking for anything other than to be loved as she loved.  Angel shared her kennel life with Ladd, an American Eskimo breed as was she, and Lexi, a collie mix.  Together, the three of them romped and played for hours on end, and let the entire neighborhood know with their loud barks whenever a stranger was nearby.  Little Angel, as she was often called, loved to be petted and rewarded us with many sweet "Angel kisses" on our cheeks.  She lived a blessed life, never being sick until the day recently when she couldn't walk due to being very swollen and Dr. Chism had to tell us that she most likely had a large tumor in her chest.  Not wanting to cause Angel more distress, it was decided that it was best to end her suffering and let her go.  Goodbyes with pets are never easy, and it has left a very sad void in our lives.  We miss her every day, and Ladd and Lexi don't bark nearly as much as they used to.  She was a blessing to us and for that we are very grateful.




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