What does a funeral cost?



This often asked question is usually answered by saying, ‘It all depends’.  It depends on what type of funeral you want or need.  According to Federated Funeral Directors of America, the average cost of a regular adult funeral (services plus casket) in December 2012 was about $6670.  In addition, the average outer burial container (e.g. concrete boxes or vaults) sold for about $1275. (Though outer burial containers are not required by law, many cemeteries require one.)

The cost of a regular adult funeral mainly depends upon what type of casket and outer burial container you choose.  Since there is a wide range of prices with these two items, it is not always easy to give an exact answer to ‘what does a funeral cost’.

Also, when determining the cost of a funeral, there are a couple of other factors to consider: One, most families choose burial; therefore, there is the cost of the grave and the cost to open and close the grave.  Two, cash advance items, which are monies that families often ask the funeral director to pre-pay to others, as a courtesy, on the family’s behalf.  These might include, but are not limited to:  flowers, paid obituaries, death certificates, marker dates as well as honorariums to preachers, musicians, and hairdressers.”


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